About us

XYBGLASS is a well-established mosaic glass products manufacture based in China.

We specialize in designing and crafting mosaic glass products of various styles and uses. Masters mosaic glass

products decoration trades and will accompany you in your project from the idea to the actual production of the




For XYBGLASS, a bottle is much more than just bottle: it is above all a beautiful object, that personifies your

excellence and your difference.  We welcome you talk about your ideal glass products and we can help you make

it come true. Through decoration, engrave it (glass engraving) or all the finishing techniques to give it its unique

appearance. Mosaic craft and Ink-screen printing, coating, acid-etching, sandblasting, 3D decoration, hot stamping,

setting accessories... XYBGLASS multiplies the possibilities of freeing up imagination and creativity.

So many answers for those who wish to resort to originality, differentiation and value creation.




Brand story


Brand founder: Chen

"Travelers who are always on the road, creatives who are always full of passion, and innovators who feel the beauty of life."

                                                                                                                                                                                   ———— Chen

During a trip, Chen found an exquisite handicraft in a souvenir shop. When he first saw the product, he was attracted

by the magnificent and colorful light reflected by the product. 

Since he has his own glass bottle factory and has been operating in China for nearly 10 years. Chen feels that mosaic

glass products can be a new branch of the product.

So he decided to unite several like-minded craftsmen to create more mosaic handicrafts together, so that more people

can appreciate the charm of mosaic glass handicrafts.


Workshop process



Our strength

  • Professional mosaic glass products manufacture and designer
  • Flexible production methods to meet different order requirements
  • 10 years experience in deep processing of glass products
  • 1000+ daily output of mosaic products
  • 2500M2 factory and a whole set of manufacturing facilities



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