Handmade Classic Glass Votive Candle Holders
Unique Mosaic candle holders
Unique Mosaic candle holders
Unique Mosaic candle holders
Unique Mosaic candle holders

Handmade Classic Glass Votive Candle Holders

The size of this golden candle holder has 2.75ʺ diameter (top) and 3.1ʺ height approximately. And we have different size and color to choose from, if you are interesting, free sample can be send to you for quality check.

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Decorative Glass Tealight Votive Holder Bowl




All of our mosaic products are welcome custom-made, We have more than 10 years of custom experience.

Due to all products are glass products, So craftsmanship is not limited to mosaics. Ink-screen printing, coating, acid-etching, sandblasting, 3D decoration, hot stamping, setting accessories are also our custom category.




This Glass Tealight Votive Holder Bowl are perfect for home decor, weddings, dinner parties and beauty salon and so on. Due to it's unique design and pattern, it also can be used as potted plants bowl/ make up holder, office pen holder, add beautiful colors to your desk, dressing table and window sill.


mosaic candle holder


Our services

Our one-stop service covers every stage of our cooperation,from before-sales consultation to after-sales support.

1, Tailored Design For Your Market

2, Rapid & Free Sampling

3, Packaging Consultation

4, Goods Inspection Support

5, 2-Year Quality Guarantee


mosaic candle holder



Our current packing is Carton with product pattern and plastic foam, if you have other requirements, custom-made packing is as you like.



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