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Mosaic Glass Handicrafts Embellish Your Life Apr 18, 2022

In daily life, have you ever considered using mosaic glass handicrafts to embellish your dull life?

Pieces of mosaic puzzles reveal mysterious and retro flavor, and their radiant light seems to

never be washed away by the passage of time. When the light illuminates, the mosaic surface

will produce a warm, crystal clear feeling, quiet and deep, which can add mystery and romantic

sentiment to the interior.


Mosaic glass, which is very artistic and ornamental, has brought brand-new design inspiration to

our craftsmen. Therefore, our brand  has jointly launched a series of pure handmade products of

mosaic glass with more than a dozen experienced craftsmen.


Our website provides you with a series of products such as mosaic glass candlestick, mosaic

glass vase, mosaic glass aromatherapy bottle, mosaic glass garden lamp and mosaic glass

ornaments, etc. Through our products, we can enhance your interest in life.

The following is a detailed introduction to our product range:


Whenever night falls, light a candle and place it on * mosaic glass candlestick * to give yourself a

time to think alone, reflect on yourself and appreciate life.


Mosaic glass candlestick:




Facing the morning breeze, put in a few flowers and put them in a mosaic glass vase *, giving yourself a time to appreciate beauty and make life beautiful.


 Mosaic glass vase:




Lean on the comfortable sofa, pick up an aromatherapy, let it into * mosaic glass aromatherapy bottle *,

give yourself a time to empty your brain, let go of the anxiety of the present and live in the present.


Mosaic glass aromatherapy bottle:



Lazy and leisurely afternoon, start to take care of the courtyard, the sun sets, the moon rises, *

mosaic glass courtyard lights * light up gradually, and you spend a period of time close to

nature, breathing air and embracing nature.


Mosaic glass garden lamp:



For XYBGLASS, a bottle is much more than just bottle: it is above all a beautiful object, that personifies

your excellence and your difference.  We welcome you talk about your ideal glass products and we can

help you make it come true.