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XYBGLASS: Discover beauty, Enjoy beauty, Feel beauty Apr 18, 2022

Brand founder: Chen

Travelers who are always on the road, creatives who are always full of passion, and innovators who feel the beauty of life.


The reason for the establishment of the brand:


During a trip, Chen found an exquisite handicraft in a souvenir shop. When he first saw the product, he was attracted by the magnificent and colorful light reflected by the product. At the time, he did not know what the craftsmanship was of this handmade product. He bought this handicraft and took it home. A friend recognized the craftsmanship of this product when he was a guest at his home and told Chen that the craftsmanship was mosaic, and Chen became very interested in Mosaic. Then Chen spent a lot of time understanding the history of mosaics.


With the deepening of understanding, Chen took inspiration from Turkish mosaic lamps, so he decided to unite several like-minded craftsmen (yes, tell him that the souvenir craft is Mosaic friends are among them) to create more mosaic handicrafts together, so that more people can appreciate the charm of mosaic glass handicrafts.


History of Turkish Mosaic Lamps:


Turkish mosaic lamps have a long history, and the craft can be traced back to 5,000 years ago. They are inspired by the lighting and decorations of the former Sultan's palace. They incorporate colors of Ottoman culture. This is a handmade craft, and the round lampshade will be glued with crystal mosaic pieces of different sizes and colors.

This technology has developed to this day. In its origins, it started with ceramics, metals, and later materials such as glass and plaster were introduced to combine them and produce lamps with mosaics.

Each Turkish lamp has a different design and can even come in thousands of styles depending on the collage pattern and color combination.

Turkish lamps have decorative uses in addition to giving traditional culture. Manufacturers have a wide variety of lamps, including table lamps, floor lamps, table lamps, wall lamps, and pendant lamps.

In the process of studying this history, Chen and his team created their own product.


Brand concept interpretation:


Beauty is the expression of art, and art is the carrier of beauty. When some artworks bring us an infinite shock, we will discover the beauty hidden in them.

Don't care so much. As long as you always pay attention to your surroundings, you can find the beauty around you at any time. Beauty is not competitive or analytical, it is a feeling of joy in the heart.


Brand product line:

Mosaic Glass Candle Holder

Mosaic Glass Vase

Mosaic Glass Aromatherapy Bottle

Mosaic Glass Garden Light

Mosaic Glass Ornament