• What kind of reed diffuser do you like
    What kind of reed diffuser do you like Feb 02, 2023
    I like staying in hotels very much, because as soon as I enter the hotel, I will smell a fresh and elegant fragrance. The fragrance of each brand of hotel is different. Maybe this fragrance represents different tastes. The hotels I have stayed in the most are Quanji and Hanting under InterContinental. Their fragrance is a faint tea fragrance. Walking into the room, there is almost always an reed s...
  • A candlestick is a work of art
    A candlestick is a work of art Jan 14, 2023
    With the improvement of people's living standards, the pursuit of beauty is also getting higher and higher. Maybe for an item, while we pursue beauty, we also require them to have a little artistic and humanistic color. This newly developed candlestick is not only a candlestick, but also a work of art, like the wine cup of an ancient general, and like a newly unearthed cultural relic, maybe the it...
  • Innovation and change
    Innovation and change Jan 14, 2023
    December 7, 2022 is an extraordinary day for the Chinese people, because this day means that the 3-year blockade is completely lifted. Although the virus is still threatening us, people's hearts are cheering for this decision of the motherland. There have been too many business failures in the past 3 years, especially catering and entertainment companies. This means that enterprises have to innova...
  • New flower Turkish style aroma diffuser
    New flower Turkish style aroma diffuser Nov 21, 2022
    New flower Turkish style aroma diffuser   A few days ago, a good friend asked me what suitable gifts our company can recommend for his friend's birthday. I told him that you really asked the right person, any product of our company is a very thoughtful gift. But if you have to choose one, I recommend this new mosaic aroma diffuser, because winter is coming, and the dry air needs this aroma di...
  • Mosaic Solar Garden Light
    Mosaic Solar Garden Light Nov 16, 2022
    Recently, one of my customer sent me a picture showing a corner of his garden, obviously I noticed the mosaic solar garden light he purchased from our company a month ago. He said that our mosaic solar garden lights are too valuable, not only the good looking, but also the practicality is not discounted at all. It is really an indescribable joy to see customers love our products so much.   &n...
  • You deserve a better mosaic wax melter
    You deserve a better mosaic wax melter Oct 21, 2022
    If you still using the mosaic wax melter with light bulb, then you are out.  Our laterst electric mosiac wax melter not only with LED light, but also with much longer service life.   At the same time, the shape is more simple and stylish. It adopts the structure of heating element and PCBA board control. The temperature of the heating element is stable, and the LED light emits light. Eel...
  • Beautiful mosaic glass candle holder for your room
    Beautiful mosaic glass candle holder for your room Jul 20, 2022
      “When you look at the flickering fire in glass candle jars, what are you thinking?” If your recent life is as bad as mine, When I want to sum up, I find that there is really nothing worth summing up. I can barely hand over an answer sheet of "I am still alive", Then when you finish watching Soul, you may high-five me somewhere in the world-yes, it doesn't matter if you...

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