glass votive candle holders
  • What a Cool Wax Melter
    Sep. 19. 2022
    What a Cool Wax Melter
    Some time ago, a customer hoped to have a wax melter with gorgeous colors but only increased functions. After communicating back and forth, modifying it until the last customer nodded, this cool wax melter finally came out.   After plugging in the power, the wax melter turns into a lantern, different lights alternately. Of course, you can also choose your favorite light, just one touch to stay under your favorite color.     Each piece of our mosaic wax melter is made by workers with heart, which is different from industrial standards, just to inherit the unique and beautiful mosaic craftsmanship.  
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    Aug. 26. 2022
    If you think that the mosaic glass candle holder is just a candle holder then you are out, because this small candle holder is really too versatile.   For example, if your desk need a pen holder, then this candle holder is definitely a good choice. It is not only large in capacity, but also beautiful. If you've been interested in potted plants lately, our candle holders with soil are great looking pots.     If you're entertaining guests recently, our candlesticks on a long table are definitely a sight to behold. If your dresser is short of a storage box, try our candle holder and see if it's going to hold up.   Of course, if you are very tired, please light a candle, rest quietly in the chair, and enjoy the beauty of the moment. For our mosaic candle holders, you may have more new discoveries, please leave me a message.
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    Jul. 05. 2022
    Nearly every week XYBGLASS will have new products developed, through decoration, engrave it (glass engraving) or all the finishing techniques to give it its unique appearance.   So, our glass products are not only mosaic, there are so many beautiful vases that look like ceramics, but It’s glass material with spraying process.     You may ask: is the ceramic vase cheaper or the glass sprayed vase cheaper? The answer is that glass sprayed vases are much cheaper, and glass sprayed vases are more flexible to make and have a shorter cycle, so they are more and more popular with the public.   Next few weeks, we will have more new spray and silk screen releases in the next few weeks, Let's look forward to it together.
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  • Why are glass mosaic candle holders so popular
    Jun. 15. 2022
    Why are glass mosaic candle holders so popular
    China has a very long history of using "candle holder". As early as the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period, the ancients made various exquisite copper candlesticks for the use of nobles at that time.     In the Sui and Tang Dynasties, ceramic candlesticks began to be widely used. The candlesticks of this period focused on the design of the candlestick base, which was often engraved with exquisite patterns. Tang Sancai is one of the representatives, with a high level of craftsmanship.     With the development of the times and technological innovation, glass candle holders have become the new favorite of the times because of their low cost, short production cycle, multi-functionality, and versatile shapes. However, glass mosaic candle holders are also becoming more and more popular because of their gorgeous appearance, not only candle holders, but also cosmetic brush storage boxes, potting jars, table decorations, ashtrays, everything you can think of, mosaic candle holders are very suitable. What are you still hesitating about, hurry up and choose the one you like......        
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  • XYBGLASS: Discover beauty, Enjoy beauty, Feel beauty
    Apr. 18. 2022
    XYBGLASS: Discover beauty, Enjoy beauty, Feel beauty
    Brand founder: Chen Travelers who are always on the road, creatives who are always full of passion, and innovators who feel the beauty of life.   The reason for the establishment of the brand:   During a trip, Chen found an exquisite handicraft in a souvenir shop. When he first saw the product, he was attracted by the magnificent and colorful light reflected by the product. At the time, he did not know what the craftsmanship was of this handmade product. He bought this handicraft and took it home. A friend recognized the craftsmanship of this product when he was a guest at his home and told Chen that the craftsmanship was mosaic, and Chen became very interested in Mosaic. Then Chen spent a lot of time understanding the history of mosaics.   With the deepening of understanding, Chen took inspiration from Turkish mosaic lamps, so he decided to unite several like-minded craftsmen (yes, tell him that the souvenir craft is Mosaic friends are among them) to create more mosaic handicrafts together, so that more people can appreciate the charm of mosaic glass handicrafts.   History of Turkish Mosaic Lamps:   Turkish mosaic lamps have a long history, and the craft can be traced back to 5,000 years ago. They are inspired by the lighting and decorations of the former Sultan's palace. They incorporate colors of Ottoman culture. This is a handmade craft, and the round lampshade will be glued with crystal mosaic pieces of different sizes and colors. This technology has developed to this day. In its origins, it started with ceramics, metals, and later materials such as glass and plaster were introduced to combine them and produce lamps with mosaics. Each Turkish lamp has a different design and can even come in thousands of styles depending on the collage pattern and color combination. Turkish lamps have decorative uses in addition to giving traditional culture. Manufacturers have a wide variety of lamps, including table lamps, floor lamps, table lamps, wall lamps, and pendant lamps. In the process of studying this history, Chen and his team created their own product.   Brand concept interpretation:   Beauty is the expression of art, and art is the carrier of beauty. When some artworks bring us an infinite shock, we will discover the beauty hidden in them. Don't care so much. As long as you always pay attention to your surroundings, you can find the beauty around you at any time. Beauty is not competitive or analytical, it is a feeling of joy in the heart.   Brand product line: Mosaic Glass Candle Holder Mosaic Glass Vase Mosaic Glass Aromatherapy Bottle Mosaic Glass Garden Light Mosaic Glass Ornament
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  • Mosaic Glass Handicrafts Embellish Your Life
    Apr. 18. 2022
    Mosaic Glass Handicrafts Embellish Your Life
    In daily life, have you ever considered using mosaic glass handicrafts to embellish your dull life? Pieces of mosaic puzzles reveal mysterious and retro flavor, and their radiant light seems to never be washed away by the passage of time. When the light illuminates, the mosaic surface will produce a warm, crystal clear feeling, quiet and deep, which can add mystery and romantic sentiment to the interior.   Mosaic glass, which is very artistic and ornamental, has brought brand-new design inspiration to our craftsmen. Therefore, our brand  has jointly launched a series of pure handmade products of mosaic glass with more than a dozen experienced craftsmen.   Our website provides you with a series of products such as mosaic glass candlestick, mosaic glass vase, mosaic glass aromatherapy bottle, mosaic glass garden lamp and mosaic glass ornaments, etc. Through our products, we can enhance your interest in life. The following is a detailed introduction to our product range:   Whenever night falls, light a candle and place it on * mosaic glass candlestick * to give yourself a time to think alone, reflect on yourself and appreciate life.   Mosaic glass candlestick:                                                              Facing the morning breeze, put in a few flowers and put them in a mosaic glass vase *, giving yourself a time to appreciate beauty and make life beautiful.    Mosaic glass vase:                                                     Lean on the comfortable sofa, pick up an aromatherapy, let it into * mosaic glass aromatherapy bottle *, give yourself a time to empty your brain, let go of the anxiety of the present and live in the present.   Mosaic glass aromatherapy bottle:                                                          Lazy and leisurely afternoon, start to take care of the courtyard, the sun sets, the moon rises, * mosaic glass courtyard lights * light up gradually, and you spend a period of time close to nature, breathing air and embracing nature.   Mosaic glass garden lamp:                                                           For XYBGLASS, a bottle is much more than just bottle: it is above all a beautiful object, that personifies your excellence and your difference.  We welcome you talk about your ideal glass products and we can help you make it come true.  
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