glass bottle reed diffuser
glass bottle reed diffuser
glass bottle reed diffuser
glass bottle reed diffuser
glass bottle reed diffuser

Manufacturers customize high-end reed diffuser

Maybe you think that transparent glass aromatherapy is a bit monotonous, what if there are some preserved flowers or leaves in the transparent bottle as decoration? We tried it, and it's close to full marks from the visual effect.

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Manufacturers customize high-end reed diffuser


Below is our new diffuser, each diffuser will pack with 4-5 reed sticks together,100ml will last about 3months. Clear glass bottle with golden lid, and the real flower floating inside will make the bottle more agile.


glass bottle reed diffuser

glass bottle reed diffuser


there are many kinds of scents to choose and the Ingredients is simple, just premium essential oils and Volatile solvent


optional fragrance



Lemon* lemongrass (mosquito repellent), rose, jasmine, osmanthus, lily Cherry Blossom , Gardenia , Lavender 

Hotel type:

Shangri-La), Hilton , Encounter , Marriott , White Tea 

perfume fragrance

perfume lover, Cologne , Chanel , Miss Coco , Ocean Love ,English Pear Freesia

Sandalwood (Wood type)



glass bottle reed diffuser

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